Puffle Whisperer Book Codes

Welcome to our Club Penguin Book Codes page for the Puffle Whisperer Book Codes! If you don’t know how to enter the codes, please visit our Club Penguin Book Codes page for instructions.

When you click on the Puffle Whisperer PH’s Puffle Handbook, you’ll see a screen like the following.

Just search our list below to find the correct book code.

dancing with cadence book codes answer The Puffle Whisperer

We plan to have over 100 codes for The Puffle Whisperer, so your question should be below and you should get the actual code item nearly 100% of the time. If we don’t have the code in our list, click “Go back” on the bottom and then click “I have a book” again and choose this book again for a new question!

Story Book Codes List

The Puffle Whisperer hasn’t been released yet, but once it is, we will have all of the book codes ready for you!


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